Artist on the Farm – Jack’s Solar Garden

Request for Applications to be the 2022 Artist on the Farm at Jack’s Solar Garden

Who We Are:

Jack’s Solar Garden is a family-owned community solar garden in between Niwot and Longmont in Boulder County. We built a 1.2 MW solar array powers over 300 homes. We believe in partnerships that better our community. Jack’s Solar Garden is working with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Colorado State University, the University of the Arizona, and Sprout City Farms to study how best to grow crops underneath and around our solar panels. The Audubon Rockies collaborated with us to establish their largest Habitat Hero in Colorado around our solar array. We are supported by local subscribers like Terrapin Care Station, In The Flow: Boutique Cannabis, Premier Members Credit Union, Western Disposal, Meati Foods, Boulder County government, the City of Boulder, and numerous residents.

page1image61796832   Photo by Vernon Slocum/NREL of Rachel Scala’s Art

Artist on the Farm

Jack’s Solar Garden will sponsor a 2022 Artist on the Farm who we want to showcase what our work means to the community and engage the community on the farm through their art. We believe in the creativity of artists and want to support local artists as their work can inspire how our community does business.

We will support an artist based in Boulder County with an upfront $500 to help with supplies, transportation, collaboration, or other costs associated with bringing their art to the farm and an additional $500 at the end of the program in October. Jack’s Solar Garden requests to retain rights to one of the artist’s selected creations in perpetuity, to share with the community as part of the program’s legacy. Events will be held at Jack’s Solar Garden where the artist will be asked to collaborate to showcase their work.

In 2020, our first Artist on the Farm, Rachael Scala, repurposed farm materials into art and hosted a community art day. In 2021, our Artist on the Farm, Michelle Bernier, hosted educational dance workshops and filmed professional dancers on-site. Each participated in an end of season event showcasing the year’s work at Jack’s Solar Garden.

Application Process

Applications are due by end of day on March 15th, 2022. Applications can be submitted in a 2-page written document, and an example portfolio of the artist’s work is acceptable beyond this 2-page limit. We request the application share the experience of the artist, the style of artwork the artist will employ, the methods in which the artist will engage our community in learning about Jack’s Solar Garden, confirmation the artist lives in Boulder County, and how we can contact the artist.

Applications will be reviewed for their creativity and extent to which they engage our community. Extra credit is provided to those with ideas on art that Jack’s Solar Garden can replicate to send home with tourists visiting our community solar garden. We expect the artist to have creative free rein.

Jack’s Solar Garden will review the applications and publicly announce the 2022 Artist on the Farm on or about April 4th, 2022.page1image41491776

page1image61506992  Michelle Bernier Dance Class

page1image61513264  End of Season Event, 2021

Please send questions, and your submissions, to

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