Tree Sky EcoArt

Tree based furniture, decor, jewelry
4919 Broadway, No. 24
Boulder, CO 80304
Type: Jewelry, Sculpture, Woodworking
Style: Abstract, Local Business, Local Business First Friday

Tree Sky EcoArt combines sustainability, material reuse, and environmental education. Saving live trees saves the lungs of our planet.

Rainforests and old growth forests from are being logged and depleted to make mass-market products. Buying from us lessens the demand for those unsustainable items and helps to maintain valuable forestation around the world.

We also support the critical need for safe and attractive green spaces in cities by repurposing quality, functional wood from fallen or broken trees that were destined for a landfill.

Enjoy the second life, elemental transformation of Ash, Elm, Oak, Cottonwood, Apple, Maple, and Pine trees and many more into fabulous and functional decor, jewelry, and furniture.