Timolyn Esson Art

Abstract Painter, Encaustic, Acrylics, Mixed Media
4944 Pearl Street Unit C
Boulder, CO 80301


Type: Collage and Assemblage, Painting
Style: Abstract

I am both a photographer and a painter.  Lately I have been working with color by building up layers and layers of either acrylic paint or encaustic wax, and then peeling it back to see what remains.  I etch, scratch, and scrape, and am always surprised by what lies underneath.  It is both cathartic and inspirational, as I never know when (or if) my time with a painting will be complete.

I also love embedding images in my works, as it creates a different way of representing a memory.  I love color and feel that the juxtaposition of black-and-white images on fiercely colored backgrounds, give them a sense of whimsy, identity and timelessness.