Sam Hauser

oil painter, batik silk painter

Currently residing in the Colorado foothills, multidisciplinary artist Sam Hauser investigates her relationship with the environment through distinctively vibrant silk and oil paintings. Hauser pays homage to her surroundings by employing an expressionistic color palette to illustrate universal symbols like water, birds, and botanicals. Her subject matter ranges from flower fields to environmental disasters but always retains a sense of wonder for the beauty of our natural world. 

Earning her BFA from MICA in 2015, Hauser studied a wide range of painting styles from color abstraction to hyperrealism. Hauser took a course in batik silk painting while studying in Italy. Adapting the batik process, Hauser has blended oil and silk painting techniques to form her own unique voice. Impossible color combinations become harmonious and her bold, abstract backgrounds dance among finely rendered forms. 

Hauser’s paintings are on constant rotation through American galleries and she has recently gained international recognition as a finalist for the 2022 Luxembourg Art Prize. Her passion for color and expressing human emotion drives Hauser to always explore, investigate, and push the limits of painting.