Minna Vallentine

Creative Fused Glass
Bohemia – 4919 Broadway, #7
Boulder, CO 80304
Type: Glass
Style: Abstract

I’ve dabbled in various art forms for many years but I started creating fused glass pieces in 2014, shortly after I retired and moved to Boulder, CO.  Prior to that, I lived in northern California, Louisville, KY, Atlanta and New York City.  I worked in high tech and advertising for most of my career but spent the last 10 years teaching ESL in Silicon Valley.

I love traveling, meeting people from all over the world, ESL volunteering and sharing my love of art.

I experiment with all sorts of designs and ideas for my work.  It’s usually free flowing and unusual, not restricted by an urge for perfectly straight lines or totally balanced designs.   I love working with pieces of glass that might be considered scrap, odd shaped or just plain weird.  Squiggles and dots are two of my current favorites.