Little Libraries in NoBo

  • Gift a book
  • Take a book
  • And return it for the next borrower
  • Use works of art and tins of chalk
  • And please be a supporter.

A supporter of NoBo Art District’s Little Libraries, that is. Artists and community members stock new and lovingly worn books for all to enjoy. We’d love your support too. To volunteer as a librarian or to help build more Little Libraries around North Boulder, write us at

NoBo Little Libraries, a project of the NoBo Art District, is a public art and culture project that calls for the design and construction of four sculptural libraries in North Boulder, Colorado. Little libraries are lending libraries where community members can loan and borrow books, games and works of art on the honor system. Volunteer librarians are assigned to each location to update and monitor on a regular schedule.

Reading In Spires


Reading In Spires by Christie Slater and Jonathan Davis of Tinker Art Studio is a sculptural library constructed by stacking cut plywood, glued and sanded to a smooth organic shape, then hollowed out to hold books. You are encouraged to open a door, take a book, painting or game. Enjoy! Then return or share something of your own. Reading In Spires was completed on World Book Night in April 2013 and was installed and stocked on May 29th in Boulder’s Holiday Park at 14th Street and Yellow Pine Ave.

“My inspiration comes from nature and more specifically the rock formations of our western landscape. The lines of the wood structure echo the sedimentary stone so often a part of our visual iconography. Multiplies also are a part of my imagery with the three towers somewhat similar to each other.

I designed the towers in a triangular formation, first to be able have an intimate relationship by peeking through the forms, and second to have the landscape become one with the sculpture from a distance.

Make sure to open the doors of the towers and look to see how they are constructed, revealing rough organic textures and shapes that juxtapose with the smooth exterior.”

– Christie Slater, artist

Reading Tree

Reading Tree, by Maureen Hearty located behind Lucky’s Market in North Boulder.


“Reading under a tree, a timeless and romantic notion that appeals to us all; encouraging reading, relaxing and connecting with nature. My sculptural design for a mini-library is to celebrate this ideal with a tree-esque form built from reclaimed steel barrels and other found steel objects such as old tractor seats and carriage springs.  The barrels become the ‘trunk’ of the tree to house the shelves and the tractor seats become resting perches for library visitors.  To bring a sense of life to the barrels I will cut delicate vines and flowers into the barrels, as if they are growing up the trunk.”  

Maureen Hearty, artist

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