The Boulder Artist: Episode 4

Episode 4: Drew Austin

Cozy up for this eye-opening, thought-provoking, and heart-warming episode… interdisciplinary artist and Visual Arts Curator at ⁠The Dairy⁠⁠Drew Austin⁠, discusses noticing/curiosity, making space for yourself, his curatorial path and process, making art for other artists vs for the public, light, and the changing seasons.

cover art photo by Amanda Tipton, Leon Art Gallery

Photos courtesy of Leon Art Gallery, images by Amanda Tipton & Wes Magyar

Get informed, inspired, and involved. The Boulder Artist is about those making an impact, both with their work and with the lives they lead as creatives. But it’s also about culture and community here in Boulder, Colorado, how place informs our arts, and vice versa. Brought to you by the NoBo Art District, hosted & produced by Communications Designer, Becca Saulsberry (she/her), recorded in the Madelife Sound Studio, and music by Hank Church. Listen every other Thursday.

About Becca Saulsberry:

Becca is a spunky communications designer who aims to address societal and environmental issues while nerding out on illustration, graphic design, creative nonfiction, and podcasts. Her favorite thing, though, is running in the woods.

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