Summer & Fall Internship Opportunities

NoBo Art District has Internship opportunities for 2023!

The NoBo Art District is looking for folks who are passionate about cultivating a robust creative community in Boulder. We are a growing nonprofit organization and our internship program offers an important exchange of learning and mentoring for those who are passionate about supporting artists, contributing to a creative ecosystem and creating unique events and exhibitions alongside hundreds of local artists. Our internships are for those aiming to sharpen their skills in marketing, documentary media, exhibition planning & curation, event planning and business development. 

Summer 2023: May – August

Fall 2023: September – November

Our internships are co-created to offer the best possible experience for you to learn and grow the skills that you are most passionate about. Internships areas include: 

  • Marketing & Social Media 
  • Documentary Photo & Video 
  • Event Planning & Production
  • Exhibitions & Curation
  • DEI integration and community outreach
  • Public Art 
  • …. And more! Have an idea? We’d love to hear about it. 

To Apply for an internship, please email our Interim Director and include your letter of interest, resume and preference for term and your weekly availability.

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