Roots Music Project

4747 Pearl Suite V3A
Boulder, CO 80301
Phone: 9707997450

Roots Music Project’s Foundation, a Colorado-based nonprofit music incubator, is dedicated to cultivating a vibrant arts and culture ecosystem. We understand the profound significance of music in driving positive change within society. Our organization provides a nurturing environment for musicians, supporting their journey from emerging talents to nationally acclaimed professionals.


At Roots Music Project, our impact on the community is profound. We serve as a catalyst for growth and collaboration through various initiatives such as engaging jam sessions, community events, youth internships, and live music performances by national and touring artists. We ignite a passion for music among individuals of all ages and backgrounds, extending our commitment to music education beyond these programs.


Moreover, our organization offers a unique performance space that differs from conventional bar venues. Our inclusive and equitable environment provides a safe haven for diverse artistic expressions and fosters a sense of belonging for all performers. Through our regular weekly programming, fundraisers, and events, we uplift artists by providing amenities that many performance venues lack, including a green room, food and drink hospitality, sound and lighting, and fair compensation for their performances.


By championing the arts and culture sector, Roots Music Projects actively contributes to the economic development of Colorado. We recognize the transformative power of music in driving tourism, stimulating local businesses, and enhancing overall quality of life. Through our commitment to nurturing Colorado’s live music scene, we are shaping a vibrant and prosperous future for artists and the broader community alike.