Lucky’s Market

3960 Broadway
Boulder, CO 80304
Phone: 3034440215

Lucky’s Market in North Boulder, established in 2003, is our original store. It all started here and we couldn’t be happier to serve the great community of North Boulder, still. After all these years, I guess folks just like shopping somewhere that feels like…well, home. We come from a long line of community-minded pioneers who love food. We’re passionate about bringing the best quality products we can find to our local communities. Think of us as the country roadside stand of fresh tomatoes or the chef’s table in a kitchen dishing up delicious fare. Our doors are wide open to welcome everyone who’s interested in being a part of the big picture.

At Lucky’s, we love good food. Not just natural and organic food, but the food that’s so much a part of our fondest memories. The good stuff.

We believe good food shouldn’t be a luxury, it should be a right. If you don’t want to eat things like pesticides, antibiotics and growth hormones, you shouldn’t have to. Natural and organic food shouldn’t be priced out of your reach. We also have the crazy notion that we shouldn’t adopt a holier-than-thou attitude if your grandma’s recipe calls for something that doesn’t fit some people’s idea of what’s good for you.

So we created a store that will hook an entire generation on eating a little bit healthier. A store that does serious work, without taking itself too seriously. A store dedicated to good food. And making sure that everyone can enjoy it. And while you’re here, treat yourself to some of the tastiest pastries you’ll ever try out at our very own Lucky’s Bakehouse & Creamery, or brunch with friends at the Lucky’s Bakehouse Cafe!