Khiri Samantha Lee

Mixed Media Art Witch

Artwitch and Creatrix Khiri Lee (she/her) strives to fill the world with beauty and meaning. Being an artist and witch is a sacred calling to activate people’s imagination, to communicate new stories into the world that serve our shifting communities, and to invoke a brighter future for us all. She avidly creates mixed-media paintings and immersive performance art, as well as writing magick-filled zines such as T H R I F T W I T C H, 52 Feathers and 52 Facets. In 2020, in response to the Global Pandemic, Khiri pivoted her practice to bring art and ritual to the digital world through streaming platforms like 

The pervasive and global connection of circles to the sacred captivates Khiri, and is a form she consistently returns to when painting. Her personal style has grown from a deep love of symmetry and magic. The mixed media elements come from a passion for printmaking, discovered in college, and deconstruction, inspired from her studio residency at the Art House in 2016. Through the meticulous creation of prints, patterns, and papers, each piece is collage through cut and reconstructed materials, often infused with meaning through reuse. This repetition of imagery speaks to the repetitive nature of wishing and storytelling, creating a visual invocation of in every piece.