Jerry Shapins Sketch&Place

acrylic paintings, sketches, watercolors of cities, birds and landscapes
644 Dewey Ave
Boulder, CO 80304-

From fine arts classes at Penn State to getting an MLA in Landscape Architecture at University of Pennsylvania, Jerry became interested in visual art early in his career. After grad school he travelled to Europe for six months to discover the delight of compact cities and townscapes, then the following year Jerry travelled around the world deepening his skills of observing the interaction of cities, people, and nature. Then as a teacher at CU, and as a co owner of Shapins Assoc , parks, streets, and public spaces were his artful focus as a designer and planner. Now as an artist/urbanism advocate, Jerry reacts to his experiences  by sketching/painting intimate urban settings, landscapes, hill towns, and wildlife.  Jerry has always been interested in people and places and how peoples lives can be made better and more healthy by their experiences in the public realm of cities and parks . He loves exploring urban places on foot with his sketchbook and camera to react to the poetry of urban wanderlust and serendipity, and discoveries of the unique, surprising vernacular stories of landscapes and cities that make places more walkable, beautiful and sustainable .