Dancing Grains Woodworks

1545 Pearl St
Boulder, CO 80302
Phone: 303-956-5586

Dancing Grains Woodworks Gallery is the place to go for all handmade furniture, cabinetry, and other wood and metalwork.  At the Gallery you can find everything from raw wood slabs to custom craft furniture.  We offer dining tables, accessory tables, dressers, barn doors, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, stair cases and railings, and more.

We work hard to salvage local urban trees coming down in the normal course of maintenance and removal in order to be able to mill and offer a very local, sustainable option for home and office furnishings.  Find a variety of styles from natural to modern to fit in a multitude of environments.  You’ll find yourself surprised and inspired as you look at all of the styles on display in the showroom.

Meet the craftsman that design and build your furniture.  We are a small group of artisans that have devoted our selves to the craft of fine woodworking and metalwork.  We are dedicated to building our products with passion and the quality that will outlast your lifetime.  Come see old world craftsmanship in new world flair!