Courtney Griffin

Mixed Media Artist, Painting and Embroidery
The Crowd Collective, 4939 Broadway #58
Boulder, CO 80304

I’m a self-taught mixed media artist. From embroidery to digital collage to painting, I am an avid seeker of creating story through shapes, color and texture. My current body of work includes painting raw unprimed fabric, such as silk noir, and embellishing them with collage and hand embroidery,

I am inspired by the cyclical nature of women’s bodies, emotions and energies and how they mirror the seasons, cycles and patterns we experience in nature. My work shines light on the serenity we experience when we allow ourselves to embody polarizing states, such as joy and grief, bliss and sorrow or abundance and scarcity.┬áMy work holds space for lightness and softness with intentional moments of negative space, balanced with energizing moments of vibrant color, texture and depth.