Buffy Andrews

Encaustic Mixed Media
4949 Broadway Street,
Boulder, CO 80304
Buffy Andrews

Buffy Andrews is mixed media artist and a member of NOBO Art District and Emerald City Artists Collective.

Her process is deeply rooted in response to the energies of the  world around her. Buffy finds inspiration in the emotions she can feel coming through the images she sees. She captures those emotions in shades of grey. The stripping off of the color helps hre express the emotions she sees without the visual distraction of color.

The current body of work she is creating was inspired during our collective social distancing.  Having felt the lack of hugs and people in her life. She was inspired to create a series of portraits of friends, hugs, and images of people. All of her current paintings are all drawn with 6 shades of prismacolor cool grey.

Other aspects of her work include lots of color in my more Asian inspired pieces. Koi and cherry blossoms are favorite subjects.

Buffy has a background in architecture, landscape architecture and graphic design. She has a studio in north Boulder where she paints and designs and participates in the NoBo First Fridays throughout the year.

Email: andrewsdesign@mac.com