Bryce Widom

Zamia Ave
Boulder, CO 80304

Bryce is a self-taught Colorado painter, whose artwork hangs in collections across North America.

Influenced deeply by his childhood in the remotes of Alaska, his work emphasizes both a sense of vast spaciousness and the often wild and beautiful worlds that arise from this silence.


My work always begins with emptiness, the black of a fresh chalkboard, the white of a blank canvas, the pulsing void. I savor this spaciousness that will soon give rise to a cacophony of manifestation.

So I sit… close my eyes… and forms arise, energetically, with urgency. Animals, creatures, characters from other realms, pushing to be expressed into being. They arise both visually and kinesthetically, with movement, direction, intent, as one with the flora, the sky, the humming air itself.

And as they move through me, and are liberated, so am I – my challenges, my stuck places, as well as my passion, my “yes” to life – released, offered, for a moment – or forever. And I am both free, and deeply fulfilled.

This, truly, is why I love to paint.

And – whether we paint or not – this fertile ground is the common mark among us all. We are all born into the world. We are all challenged. We are all given a life in which to rise to meet our challenges. And we return into the naked emptiness. So what shall we do with our time here, now?