Aaron Mitchell Creates

Abstract/Expressionist Painter, Pop Artist, Illustrator, Singer/songwriter
Type: Drawing, Music, Painting
Style: Abstract

Aaron Mitchell is a painter, illustrator, chronic doodler, singer/songwriter and creative collaborator.  

Teetering between cartoonish pop art and bold expressionism, Aaron’s approach to his work comes from an organic free-flowing space derived from his early days of chronic doodling with no preconceived notions and expressionist exploration. He moved to Chicago in 1998 from Colorado and has recently moved back to Colorado and resides in Boulder, CO.

Aaron’s early work in Chicago focused on a series revolving around the theme of BEAUTY, LOVE, SORROW. The work consisted of Abstract/Expressionist lovers. Large Acrylics on canvas with Bold color & lines,  exaggerated and spirited brush strokes and
“soul-esque” forms that explored pairs of Lovers within different emotional states; love, sorrow, joy etc.

His more recent works have become more minimalist in style, “pop-artish” at times; however still reflecting the original expressionist instinct of his early work. Latest series include- PRIMITIVE: a minimalist expressionist series painted on rustic and weathered wood. ANCIENT TECHNOLOGY & NEW GODS: a merge of styles exploring potential realms & dimensions, and the technology takeover- featuring TV heads, portals and other inter-dimensional possibilities. An ongoing series called ODD CREATURES happens annually which includes a reoccurring cast of cartoonish creatures, as well as new creatures.

He currently released a coloring storybook called ODD CREATURES, that accompanied his ODD CREATURE SHOW. With an overarching theme about self-acceptance and accepting others as they are.  “We’re all ODD CREATURES, ” aren’t we?