Position Open: NoBo Gallery Manager

Position Title: Gallery Manager

Type of Position: Contract

Hours: Part Time approximately 20 hours per month

Compensation: $20/hour

Reporting to: Interim Director

Apply by: July 31st 2022

Start Date: August 1st 2022

Application Link: https://forms.gle/xorFYo3u4wdg7DQD6



The NoBo Art District is an inclusive, grassroots, community-focused organization dedicated to promoting artists and creative businesses located along Broadway and the adjoining neighborhoods in north Boulder, Colorado. The NoBo area is characterized by upscale, mixed-use new urbanism, high-end restaurants and shops, and a mix of funky, artist-friendly warehouses. The NoBo Art District creates opportunities for artists to connect with each other and the broader community promoting engagement through art, education and events. 

The Mission of the NoBo Art District is to elevate the arts in Boulder, continue the artistic and economic development in North Boulder and support and enhance the local community. We achieve these goals by:

  • Providing opportunities for artists to enrich and advance their careers
  • Continuing to build the NoBo Art District as an artistic and business destination
  • Providing the community with events, education opportunities and creative outlets


Position Description

The NoBo Art District manages two gallery spaces that are available for artists and organizations to exhibit and produce community events: the Gallery at the Bus Stop Apartments and the NoBo Art Center. The Gallery Manager is the key point of contact for all exhibitions and events in both spaces. The Gallery Manager is responsible for all the administrative duties, logistics and coordination to keep both spaces running smooth between and during events including transition between exhibitors, exhibition agreements, communication of gallery expectations, rules and regulations. The Gallery Manager is responsible for scheduling and maintaining the exhibition and event calendars for both galleries and all communication between exhibitors, artists and event organizers. The Gallery Manager does not curate exhibitions, but has some opportunity to serve on the NoBo Gallery exhibition selection committee. 

Gallery Manager Responsibilities:

  • Handle all communications with Artists / Exhibitors to ensure that we have fully executed Artist agreements and Gallery Use Agreements including outlining the NoBo commission, marketing and payment terms in advance of each exhibit. 
  • Create and hold the master exhibition calendars and spreadsheet, coordinate with curatorial team regarding scheduled exhibits and potential conflicts.
  • Work with curatorial team on the annual exhibition strategy and timeline ensuring a full and diverse exhibition schedule is programmed at least six months in advance for the bus stop gallery and as determined by the committee for the art center. 
  • Maintain the schedule for gallery hours with exhibitors, volunteers and staff to make sure the monthly open gallery hours are being met.
  • Write and produce calls for exhibitions/calls for artists under the guidance of the curatorial team for both spaces as needed. 
  • Schedule member events and use of the spaces on gallery calendars and be the point of contact for all gallery space related questions. 
  • Ensure all contractors, exhibitors and volunteers are trained in all aspects of handling gallery sales, including acceptable forms of payment, handling cash, securing and use of equipment, calculating and handling sales tax questions, paper documentation of artist name and artwork information
  • Walk through with each exhibiting artists at the start and end of their exhibition dates to communicate operations within the gallery including lock box access, cleaning expectations, proper security and other logistics as needed
  • Maintain the spaces including: ensuring cleaning, paper products and PPE supplies are stocked and communicating with Interim Director or Board President if items are running low
  • Ensure that exhibitors and event organizers keep the space clean by informing them of the expectations around cleaning 
  • Ensure the gallery walls are in clean and ready to hang condition for each incoming exhibitor/artist- making sure each exiting artist is restoring the walls to their original condition upon completion of their event
  • Check the space on a weekly basis to ensure it is swept, bathrooms clean, garbage removed. Tidy the space of extraneous items, old business cards, fliers etc. 
  • Contact maintenance as needed for repairs, leaks, etc. 303-527-9913
  • Organize and schedule volunteers as needed for hosting both gallery spaces for NoBo events  and gallery open hours. 


Skills & Qualifications

  • Strong organizational and follow up skills
  • Familiarity with google apps, including Sheets/Excel, Word, Forms and related software and applications
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, with an ability to be direct yet friendly and approachable
  • Experience working in customer service, event management or other related field
  • Experience working with Artists and a desire/passion to contribute to a growing arts community
  • Ability to give and receive constructive feedback, and identify areas of improvement


 Work Environment

The position requires in person gallery hours and virtual administrative hours. The NoBo Art District does not offer regular office space, but this position may work out of either gallery space when they are not being used for events.  This position is required some amount of physical labor including cleaning, assisting in the hanging of exhibitions, touch up painting and moving gallery fixtures.