WKP Accent Tables

Hi. I'm Bill Peterson. I made my first tables over 50 years ago while a student at the University of Colorado. I couldn't make a living from stone topped tables so I became a rocket scientist. Recently I cut back to 1/2 time and remembered how much fun it was making tables. I've slowly been re-learning the process and experimenting with new stones, rims, and bases.

I use natural stone with semi-precious focus stones. The natural Lyons sandstone comes from quarries in Lyons. Lyons sandstone is durable. It was first used for sidewalks in Denver, Chicago, and other midwestern towns from the 1890's until the 1920's when cement and asphalt took over the market.  Today Lyons sandstone is used by architects and landscapers around the country.

I find the focus stones at gem and mineral shows and rock shops. The bases find me.

I love making these table. I've now made over 150 and would like to make one for you.

Type: Mosaic, Sculpture

WKP Accent Tables

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