Willi Eggerman Ceramics

I’ve worked with clay for over thirty years, continually taking classes in the arts and morphing my wares.  I enjoy making both sculpture and  functional pieces.  I want my work to blur the line between art and craft.  My forms are often also canvases. On them I draw and paint with line, texture, and glazes.  Using unique and joyful ceramics in your daily routine can make a ritual of the daily routine.

A decade ago, I began using the seed pod and other botanical imagery in my work as a metaphor for life changes.  I continue to use the pod structure as a symbol of women and specifically of motherhood.  The seed pod is nature’s own sculpture, beautiful as it forms, swells, opens and even as it disintegrates.  I revere the strength, beauty and practicality of this form in all of its stages and continue to include its essence in my sculpture and in drawings.

I’ve been a member of the Boulder Potters’ Guild for decades.  I have owned and operated cooperative galleries with other artists in the Boulder area.  At present you’ll usually find me in my studio switching up my work from porcelain tableware to figurative and nature inspired sculpture.

You can purchase my work from my website, from my studio gallery by appointment, at upcoming shows, and through The Mix Co-op, located in the Niza Knoll Gallery, in Denver.  I teach people to work with clay through small classes in my Boulder studio.  I also teach workshops at clay centers and colleges.  Feel free to contact me if you are interested in visiting my studio or in taking one of my classes.  Check out my website at willieggerman.com

Type: Ceramics, Installation, Sculpture
Style: Abstract

Willi Eggerman Ceramics

1815 Orchard Avenue
Boulder, CO 80304
Website: http://willieggerman.com/