Valdon Ross

Artist-Performer by heart.

Counselor by Education.

Valdon Ross is a performance storyteller, visual artist, and counselor.


As a Visual Artist:

Valdon uses spray paint to beautify reclaimed trash, usually by imitating stained-glass chapel windows. These "sprayed glass" windows have the ability to transform the ambiance of a space into something otherworldly, while also invoking a sense of reverence and sanctity for the space itself and the subject matter featured in the designs.

He is also a muralist, who works within the realms of whimsy and folk/outsider art. The illustrative and narrative nature of  his murals makes use of archetype and storytelling to provoke imagination, wonder, and experiences of the countless worlds beyond the limits of what human senses can perceive.

His visual art invites you to step into the realms of the Unseen Ordinary.

As a Performer:

Valdon embodies a mischievous canine trickster to tell stories that evoke imagination and contemplation, while reminding humans to keep their wits about them through their daily walk. He tells both original stories and traditional folklore and fairy tale from various cultures, with a particular fondness for stories from Slavic lands or those that feature undomesticated canines. His performances serve as invitations to rediscover awe, curiosity with the natural world, and playfulness.


As a Mental Health Professional:

Valdon also provides counseling for mental health, personal growth, and general well-being, while specializing in issues unique to creative individuals and the creative process. He works with both individuals and groups, while also hosting workshops. He holds an MA in Contemplative Psychotherapy from Naropa University and has worked in the mental health field since 2007.

Type: Installation, Lessons, Painting, Performance Style: Abstract, Local Business, Realism

Valdon Ross

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