T.M. Spring

I create images to illustrate love -- love of nature, connecting with spirituality, revealing the whimsical, and bridging healing and survival stories. Many images are partnered with ekphrastic-style poetry and essay.

Having a camera in hand feels like an extension of my body and is the way I engage with and interpret the world. After a near-death-experience (NDE), I moved to the mountains and began creating new art that is deeply personal and engenders more meaningful connections with collectors.

I began working with a Pentax K1000 at age 16, apprenticed with a professional studio, and had a career in media -- producing, writing, and leading content strategy. Now I shoot with a Sony A7III, where I use natural light to evoke subtle strokes as if painting. I love discovering abstract concepts in natural environments and turning that into playful art.

Type: Photography Style: Abstract, Realism

T.M. Spring

tbd Boulder, CO 80304 720.893.1707 Website: https://www.TMSpring.Art