Stefka Trusz

Scan-ography (camera-less Photography) and Encaustic Painting

Recently one of my artistic endeavors has taken me into the visual history of the old world styles of Portraiture and Still Life. By substituting the figure with a flower or fauna in non traditional settings I’ve begun too explore formats that I call “Observations and Awakenings thru Scanography.”

Here objects are laid on a scanner bed & are recorded digitally using the scanning process that produces a desirable image, hence the word SCANOGRAPHY.

Exploring the colorful analogies, shapes, forms and backgrounds I attempt too record the individuality of each image in a new sense of PORTRAITURE & media. STILL LIFE formats gain a new view of assembled NATURE by starting with vibrancy, verbal awe and slowly withering into decay that morphs into another developing project & insights into HOW WE AGE. This compelling compendium of wrinkled
patterns and awakenings of dreams/plans LOST & FOUND has illuminated my coming to grips with death, isolation, doubts, dignity, as a road too visually explore with some pitfalls yet adding some clarity to wonder as beauty unfolds.

Once scanned at high resolutions images are enlarged and turned into pigmented prints using archival materials, averaging 30” to 40” in size.

Type: Painting, Photography
Style: Realism

Stefka Trusz

1500 Mariposa Ave
Boulder, CO 80302