Rosana Venturini

Every pencil stroke gets me closer to wildlife and nature, once the piece is finished it is as if I am watching it live and I become part of that incredible world, and by contributing funds from each of my pieces to conservation organizations, I hope to undo a bit of the damage done by our kind. 100% of my art is donated to conservation.

I feel an emotional connection with animals, and when I create a piece, I want it to be more than pigments on a piece of paper, I want the energy, the soul and spirit of the animals to come through.

"We have been taught to have a "Plan B" for everything we do in life. When will we realize there is no "Planet B"?

After a chance meeting in Africa with Mark Hiley, the founder of National Park Rescue and a virtual meeting with Dr. Niall McCann, the co-founder of National Park Rescue, a great motivation was born to combine my passions for painting and wildlife to support their wonderful work. I have been creating a portfolio to be used in fundraising for their organization. The world definitely needs more Hiley's and McCann's.

I have also been creating pieces to help other organizations.

Type: Painting Style: Realism

Rosana Venturini

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