Robin Allegra


My passion for making art began, as I remember, with the unquenchable urge to see and draw faces everywhere. I saw them in ceiling, floor and carpet patterns. I drew them on every brick in our basement. I developed my passion for seeking out patterns and appreciating human forms from persistent drawing as a child through adulthood into more formal studies of fine art.

While I have a master’s in social work, I have always studied art. My art studies include institutions such as the University of Wisconsin Madison and Green Bay, The Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Normandale College, The Rocky Mountain Institute of Art and Design, the University of Idaho, art therapy studies at Naropa University, as well as many talented teachers of art along the way.

Movement and time are essential elements in my work. I dance with the materials with a combination of intent and letting go to allow more subconscious impulses take the lead. I use multiple media and tools I happen to have available including items I find at the grocery and hardware stores. I record my feelings of things, experiences and places letting my intuition be my guide. I engage my materials in a non-verbal sensing playing with the relationships of conscious thought, being, and watching for happy accidents. I love watching for emerging patterns, finding beauty and order in the daily chaos that time, weather, and human interactions create without intention, or with other intentions that are not always about making art.

I am drawn to the rough edges everywhere in the wild and urban environments. I search for the forgotten, long abandoned, overlooked, and the broken. Maybe it is my search to reunite with what has passed and heal past events that drive me to seek out these mysteries around us. But more than that, I see infinite beauty in the micro and macro cosmos that I feel need to be seen and honored.

I take lots of photographs on my daily walks and travels to other places. I see symphonies of composition everywhere vying for my attention. I often see different exciting compositions in roads, sidewalks, urban walls, old buildings and debris, and feeling delight in rust and dust patterns on the backs of trucks or on old moving pods. These images settle into my being and ignite a vital humming within. Everywhere there are things “talking” loudly and it becomes a matter of listening, seeing, and bringing out their voices as filtered through my own experiences of them.

Robin Allegra

Type: Painting
Style: Abstract

Robin Allegra

4265 Darley Avenue
Boulder, CO 80305