R Mercedes Lindenoak

It’s important to me to create works of art that make you feel good, bringing healing energies into the home. I seek to reveal the wonder behind all that you love, to help you rejoice in the mystery of life. I paint the spirit behind your most treasured relationships and experiences.

Using oil painting glazing techniques I put down layers of color, this layering becomes a way for me to reveal the underlying patterns of nature, to make the invisible nature of things visible. It’s a way of helping to dance with the mysteries. Impressionists paint the interaction of light with matter. Because I paint the play of light at the magnitudes of outer space as well as cellular and sub-atomic levels I call my work, “quantum impressionism.” May it make visible all that you love about the world.

“Lindenoak’s work is simultaneously religious and revolutionary, spiritual and political.”



Type: Collage and Assemblage, Fiber Arts, Painting
Style: Abstract

R Mercedes Lindenoak

4565 14th St #104
Boulder, CO 80304