Paula Gillen

Paula Gillen b. 1956 New Haven, CT

Paula Gillen’s artwork is an exploration of digital montage, paper collage and photography focusing on psychology, social commentary and humorous disruptions of original and found imagery. Influenced by Surrealism, German Expressionism, Feminism, and The Pictures Generation her work is satirical, irreverent, and playful.

Paula’s background is in fine art and journalism. She worked as a photo editor/researcher in NYC for twenty years for major publications before moving to Boulder in 2008. She has a keen understanding in how images communicate meaning and narrative. Her past artwork has dealt with subjects such as love, death, fear, race, women’s identity and sexuality, anxiety, war and the conflict between the sexes. –

Type: Collage and Assemblage, Photography
Style: Realism

Paula Gillen

4949 Broadway #208
Boulder, CO 80304