Paul & Elena Jones

At Davine Creations, my daughter and I primarily work with copper and steel.  However, our sculptures take a uniquely natural approach.

The connection between all living things is apparent through the intricate web of life. We as humans rely on the many inhabitants of the earth for our sustenance. Our recent Flora and Fauna sculpture series incorporates Fibonacci’s mathematical sequence to engage with the plant-life forms around us. By uniting animal species with natural growth patterns found in plants, we implore the viewer to contemplate how these connections are made in the natural world. Each series of sculpture from my studio reveals the connection between humans and the earth.  We completely rely on the land and the farmers for our sustenance.
In many cases the production of industrial metals contradicts the natural way of life; our metal sculptures connect us back to the environment. Industrialism utilizes metal to dominate over nature and prioritize human production, while our metal sculptures introduce organic life back to domestic spaces. Our artwork focuses on our human role in the circle of life and the abundant relationships within nature.

Type: Installation, Sculpture

Paul & Elena Jones

304 S. McKinley Ct.
Louisville, CO 80027

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