Nikita Coulombe

What drives me to paint is a sense of impermanence and a belief that there is no better way to be in the present moment than through art, either by creating it or experiencing it.

When we are alive, we have options – we can choose what we think, what we feel, and how we behave. When we lack options, walls start to close in around us, the lights seem to dim and we feel less alive. The undercurrent of my work is an attempt to demonstrate the concept of being alive through the expression of possibilities. For viewers, it is a subtle reminder that they have access to different ways of expressing themselves. This starts with the reaction to, interaction with, and interpretation of the artwork, which is different for every person. The intention is to inspire and encourage openness by bringing forward thoughts, feelings, and expressions from deep within the self.

This sentiment is reflected in my work through the juxtaposition of elements and techniques that create movement, tension, and contrast that dissipate towards the edges of the canvas to provide a sense of expansiveness.

My style is often described by others as bold, playful, and sensual regardless of the subject and I think that’s because, no matter what I’m painting, I’m inserting myself into the composition like some kind of fluid detective who must uncover the mystery of the blank canvas. The blank canvas itself is really a metaphor for the present moment, and, like John Cage’s silent symphony, the deliberate absence of sound – or color and texture – is an irresistible invitation. One is compelled to react. And in that process, to discover, learn, share, and grow.

Going back to the beginning – I was born in Winnipeg, Canada in 1986, and have lived in California, Hawaii, and Colorado. I was 14 years old when I sold my first painting.

Later, I studied art at the University of Colorado under contemporary realist painter Chuck Forsman along with psychology.

Initially, I pursued psychology and was fortunate to co-author a couple of books with past APA President, Dr. Philip Zimbardo. His decades of research on how external variables can influence human behavior greatly impacted the lens through which I see the world. Thus, the pursuit of both truth and balance has driven my writing and research as much as it has influenced my artwork.

In 2019, I started a studio in Boulder, Colorado with a focus on modern and wildlife paintings. My work has been featured in several publications and has been shown both in the US and abroad.

Type: Painting
Style: Abstract, First Friday, Realism

Nikita Coulombe

1920 13th St, Suite B1
Boulder, CO 80302