Michael Hamers

Mike Hamers has 40 years of expereince as a professional commercial illustrator. He has worked for such companies as Harley-Davidson, Jeep, and Ball Aerospace creating technical line art and full color illustrations. Eventually commercial illustration got very computerized. But in the past 5 years, Mike has gotten out his original airbrush tools and started painting images of a more feminine, poetic, transformative subject matter.

Mike also rediscovered the joy of photography 3 years ago and has begun shooting photos in a wide variety of styles and subject matters: flowers and barns, abstract rust and abstract, patterns and shadows, humorous and philosophical. You can enjoy his near-daily posts of photography combined with humor, wisdom and poetry at https://www.facebook.com/mike.hamers.9

Mike does not have a online store yet for selling images but they are for sale at any size and his favorites can be seen at: http://www.Lightspeedca.net/Catalog_jpgs.html .

Also, Mike’s commercial work (logos, illustrations, brochures, etc.) can be seen at his business site: http://www.Lightspeedca.net

Type: Painting, Photography
Style: Realism

Michael Hamers

7259 Mount Sherman Road
Longmont, CO 80503
Website: http://www.Lightspeedca.net/Catalog_jpgs.html

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