Merlyn Holmes

Merlyn is a dancer, photographer, writer and creator of creative eco-systems.  She is the founder of Creativity Alive (formerly Mmmwhah! Music, Movement, Mindfulness -- whoa! and -- Art), which was launched in 2016 to inspire the muses in all of us, to feed our creative spirits, keep us sourced and re-sourced, and ready to engage fully in life. To facilitate our collective creative development and expression, in the studio and in our lives.  In a nutshell, we aim to Inspire Creativity and Build Creative Community.  Please join us!

We are an interdisciplinary arts organization that provides largely improvisation-based experiences, classes, workshops, and performances integrating movement, music, and art to inspire creativity and build community.

We teach and practice mindfulness and authentic expression through deep listening, seeing, sensing, and tuning in to each other in each moment to create collaborative compositions together.

We expand, deepen, and strengthen our capacity to stay in the creative flow -- individually and collectively -- so we can live, breathe, sing, and dance the transformation that the world needs.

Merlyn's images here are from three series:  "dancEssences," "Wind in the Blue Leaves," and the beginnings of a "Mmmwhah!" series.

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Type: Performance, Photography Style: Abstract

Merlyn Holmes

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