Mary Wohl Haan /HAAN Dances

Intermediate(ish) Level Modern Dance Classes are ongoing through May 22, 2023.  Come dance with us!
Mondays 5:15 - 6:30 pm at the Avalon Ballroom, North Lobby Studio, 6185 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder. Contact Mary or check website for more information.

This spring, HAAN Dances will celebrate the 2023 Boulder Arts Week with mini performances showcasing varied dance artists on Saturday, April 15 in NOBO. This project, 4 x 4 Squared: Bite-size Dances, will feature different dancers continuing throughout the spring at a number of indoor and outdoor venues around Boulder on and around our 4' x 4' x 16" platforms.  This project is funded in part by a grant from the Boulder Arts Commission, an agency of the Boulder City Council and through a partnership with NOBO Art District. Boulder County Arts Alliance is fiscal sponsor for Mary Wohl Haan.

Look for more 4 x 4 Squared Bite-sized Dances throughout the year!


A bit of a bio:
I've been an independent modern dancer, choreographer, artistic director, teacher, dance for camera enthusiast, and community advocate in Boulder for over 30 years. HAAN Dances serves as a vehicle for my creative work as choreographer, using a pick-up company for group pieces and projects.  It is also a springboard for solo ideas I choreograph for myself, use in multimedia projects, or commission from other artists. An important element of my creative work also involves the development and pursuit of community projects and collaborations.

I use dance to touch people – creating work that is dynamic, immersed in sensation, and emotionally evocative, yet always served with a side of tender. 😉Through creative exploration I play to the extremes, using full expansive movement that either devours space and is shaped by an infectious musicality, or mines stark, minimal moments, and movement images - each helping me to develop a unique voice on my artistic path.


I grew up relishing the idea (first out of necessity and then desire), that one-among-the-many could truly speak of the human condition and our commonality, and still develop a uniquely individual voice. As one in a family of twelve children this wasn’t always easy to prove – until I began to dance. With a clear and conscious voice, I use dance to speak.


Before moving to Colorado, I spent nine years teaching at Chicago’s Columbia College Dance Center and performing as principal dancer and assistant artistic director of Mordine & Company Dance Theater.  Performing throughout the Midwest, in New York City, and at the World Expo in Brisbane, Australia, I was awarded Chicago’s 1989 Ruth Page Award for “Outstanding Dancer of the Year.”  I also have an MFA degree in choreography from the University of Utah, and have taught in communities, colleges and universities in Ohio, Wisconsin, Illinois, Connecticut, Utah, and Colorado. In 2012, I was recognized as a "Living Legend in Dance" by The Dance Archive of Colorado at the University of Denver, and in 2018, I was a Dairy Center Honoree.

I've been an active member of the Colorado dance community for over 30 years, serving on a variety of arts service organizations as well as grant panels and adjudications for awards in Colorado, Oregon, and New York.  My work has been recognized at various times throughout my career and I have had the opportunity to work for the City of Boulder Office of Arts + Culture as coordinator of Dance Bridge and Programs for Artists for 17 years before retiring in 2020.

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Mary Wohl Haan /HAAN Dances

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