Margaret Galvin Johnson

My artwork all started with the camera over forty years ago while growing up in the Colorado landscape. My camera work evolved over the years into macro flower photography. I have the first public installation of my flower photography at the Dahlia Center for Health and Well Being in Denver, a flagship campus for the Denver Mental Health System and a role model for addressing mental health.

My paintings and photography can be found in some corporate and many private collections throughout the United States. But really my art starts with my family story which is closely tied to mental health is currently being written as a non-fiction account of a midcentury American family who was wracked by serious mental health issues. It is being written by Robert Kolker, a New York Times bestselling and notable author and edited and published by Doubleday. The Title is Hidden Valley Road.

Twenty years ago came an outpouring of creativity found in many of my early paintings, which are mostly acrylic, mixed media, and eventually oil. I am versed in the use of pen and ink, watercolor, colored pencil, and color mixing. Ten years ago I rediscovered the Denver Botanic Gardens. My mother was an artist and she would take me to the botanic gardens as a child. The School of Art and Illustration at the Denver Botanic Gardens is a fantastic place to learn about illustration so I studied botanical subjects full time for five years, continued to photograph them and eventually became a master gardener.

Santa Fe is another special place my parents exposed me to as a child and I keep going back there because of the enormous influence this place had on my art cannot be underestimated. My current passion is paintings as monotypes using the printmaking process. Not to be confused with making multiples. Each print is a one of a kind original piece of art. I’ll be looking to combine my photographs with my prints in the near future.

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Type: Painting, Photography, Printmaking
Style: Abstract, Realism

Margaret Galvin Johnson

4593 North Broadway #122
Boulder, CO 80304