Margaret Donharl

Nature and Design

As a native of Colorado, Margaret Donharl’s contemporary painting is inspired by nature and design. Her intention is to cause a spark of imagination and emotional response in the viewer while creating connections to the natural world.

She works in fast drying acrylics which enable her to build layers of pattern and texture using glazes and stencils that she designs and cuts herself. The painting evolves intuitively as she adds and subtracts elements before realistically rendering her key image to complete the final layer.

Through this process of layering symbolism with realism, the painting emerges, interpreting the natural world beyond conventional appearance while exploring the beauty of nature’s universal rhythms. The meaning of the piece is subjective – metaphorically suggested by the layered images while freeing viewers to interpret the work from their own wells of experience and memories, giving it added meaning.

At the age of five, Margaret Donharl fell in love with a set of colored pencils that magically became watercolors when painted over with a brush-full of water. She explored and expanded that creative path, obtaining her BFA in commercial art before pursuing her career path as a graphic designer and illustrator in Boulder, Colorado. Eventually, Margaret returned to the reason she pursued art in the first place – a love of painting. She has rediscovered her delight in the magic that happens when layering luminous color with texture and pattern.

Type: Painting
Style: Abstract, Realism

Margaret Donharl

Boulder, CO 80304