Madeline Norton

Through painting, I feel my inner child, I feel beautiful, I feel creative, I feel nostalgic, I fell like I have everything I need at the tips of my fingers…


When I paint, I tap into my inner creative stream that fills up as I experience the world, and then I connect with my inner child who is free and ready to adventure. With all of this creative energy at my fingertips, I put on an album, and without any thought or plan, I pick out a color that feels good and just start painting. Sometimes I use watercolor to put base shapes down, other times its a blank canvas, and I move from one side to another, just creating what I feel like at the time. It’s like I am able to tap into this world that is so free and uninhibited, and just play with my inner child and release my creative energy. A really big thing for me is nostalgia. I will often reminisce on childhood memories through writing about them, reading about them, looking at old pictures, talking to my family and flipping through my old storybooks. I bring myself into the mindset of my nostalgic memories and my early childhood which makes it easier for me to connect with my inner child and to feel more free.

Type: Painting
Style: Abstract

Madeline Norton

1301 Spruce St
Boulder, CO 80302