Lisa Gakyo Schaewe / Lotus Opening Studio

Artist Lisa Gakyo Schaewe engages in creative process as a form of meditation practice. For her, art making is a way to appreciate the potential held within the open space of not knowing and to directly experience the sacred, interconnected ground of being. She works with a variety of mediums including encaustic paints, water colors, acrylics, printmaking and photography.

In addition to her work as an artist, Lisa is a licensed professional counselor and art psychotherapist maintaining a private practice. She is adjunct faculty at Naropa University and facilitates Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction groups and workshops combining contemplative practice and creative process.

Lotus Opening Studio is a place to explore the practice and results of combining meditation with creative process. Visitors are welcome by appointment.

Type: Painting, Photography, Printmaking

Lisa Gakyo Schaewe / Lotus Opening Studio

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