Lily McAlpin

Lily McAlpin is a contemporary landscape artist based out of Boulder, Colorado. Although a self-taught artist, Lily has been creating since she can remember, experimenting with film photography, printmaking, digital art, ceramics, and now mainly focused on landscape painting.

In her work, Lily explores the interconnection of land and hand on canvas. Her observations while traversing a landscape are stored in her through the repetition of movement and continue in her studio through the repetition of her hand on a canvas. As Lily describes, the adventure isn’t over until the painting is finished; the two are intertwined.

Lily often carries her film camera on alpine excursions and finds that working from her grainy film photos always sparks the creative process. As her first medium of expression, photography plays a significant role in how she approaches compositions, contrast, tonality, and often the unplanned quirks film photography reveals.

With her art sold throughout the states, collectors often remark on how Lily’s art brings them a sense of calm and remembrance of their outdoor adventures. You can find Lily’s work sold through her website, her studio in North Boulder, or in person at fine art festivals throughout the year.

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Lily McAlpin

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