Kris Batchelder ART

Kris Batchelder​ is a Boulder native and self-created artist specializing in original paper collage pieces. Before opening into her own artistic expression, she was able to absorb many of the world’s finest artists’ works firsthand through her extensive travels and adventuring. She also represented artists for a period of time while living in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

After becoming certified as an Integrative Life Coach, Kris decided it was time to step into and “own” her personal creative talent. What has resulted is a diverse collection of colorful and whimsical designs, into which Kris has woven her passion for transformation, travel and the outdoors in hopes to inspire people to step into their power and get after their dreams. From her artwork, Kris has also created a full collection of greeting cards and high-quality Giclee prints.

Type: Collage and Assemblage
Style: Abstract, Local Business, Realism

Kris Batchelder ART

2340 9th Street
Boulder, CO 80304

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