Kathleen LeRoy

I love art! I have always been inspired by color, image, story on canvas. I began painting in 2014 at the fading of a 25 year career in business and on the cusp of a tenacious curiosity about color.  With some drawing classes, playing with pastels and lots of doodling experience under my belt I decided it was time to see what might happen if I picked up a paint brush and learned a bit about color. Much to my surprise without much thought my passion began to dance on the canvas. It’s been a love story ever since.

My work stands for serenity, kindness and power. I want to inspire and bring tranquility to audiences, to fill empty spaces with color and comforting image to healing hearts, all of which I have also been gifted through the experience of painting and creating art.

Currently I use acrylic with the palette knife on canvas.

Although I have begun to see a style emerge in my work I haven’t yet discovered the subject matter that wants to be demonstrated, enjoyed, witnessed and I am very curious to see where this journey will take me next.

Type: Painting
Style: Abstract

Kathleen LeRoy

4670 Holiday Drive, Unit 202
Boulder, CO 80304
Website: http://www.kathleenleroyart.com