Kate Tonnessen

Inspired by the natural world of stones, minerals, grand vistas and the colors of the American west, the work is meant to be an exaltation for the overwhelming beauty of the planet on which we reside. I combining the visual landscape abstractions with what I feel is an equally important part of the work, is the almost mythic way I experience the creative  process.


The work exemplifies an enduring and deeply rooted love of nature, creativity and the spirit of the planet I call Gaia. It reminisces on a childhood filled with extensive travel through the American west as well as a wandering and sometimes gypsy-like adult life. It explores, expands and re-imagines the hidden and as yet wild parts of mountains beginning with the Rockies, it travels through the deserts of the southwest,  and finshes at the fecund coasts of the Pacific.

Type: Jewelry, Painting, Printmaking
Style: Abstract

Kate Tonnessen

875 9th st
Boulder, CO 80302
Website: http://www.katetonnessen.com

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