Karen A Dombrowski-Sobel

Karen A Dombrowski-Sobel

Raising Earth Consciousness Through Art

Life is about energy and vibration. I create art and jewelry to raise vibrations and I work in a contemplative space.

From painting and photographic art ( see: www.kadsphoto.com ) to crystal healing jewelry, crystal feng shui mobiles ( see: www.jewelryandpendulums.com ), I use every tool I know of to raise my space and yours to a higher energy level.

My works are diverse. Sometimes that means I create with paint, sometimes I create with crystals. I am an accomplished interior designer, a healing crystal jewelry designer and a painter. I have been creating photographic art for over 40 years.

The environment around us is so important to me that I was driven to write the educational and entertaining book, “Trees Speak; Healing Ourselves and the Planet” ( see: www.treesspeak.com )

I have a large line of art cards designed with my photographs and paintings.

“Only if we understand, will we care. Only if we care, will we help. Only if we help shall all be saved.” ~ jane goodall

Type: Jewelry, Painting, Photography

Karen A Dombrowski-Sobel

old north Boulder Boulder, CO 80304 516-241-8919 Website: http://kadsphoto.com,%20http://jewelryandpendulums.com,%20http://treesspeak.com