Jill Rumley Art

The inspiration for my artwork comes from the moments in life that "snapshot" into memory.

I started my artistic life as a photographer more than 40 years. Capturing a moment in time by creating art is something I've always enjoyed.

A few years ago, I decided to start painting. As a painter, my subjects often come from my own photographs.

Occasionally, I'll create from my imagination or from life.

When you see my art, you'll notice that I have a colorful view of the world, both with the liberal use of color and the color of my humor. I want you to feel lighthearted and experience a sense of being entertained.

Type: Collage and Assemblage, Painting, Photography Style: Local Business

Jill Rumley Art

4929 Broadway #E Boulder, CO 80304 Website: https://www.jillrumleyart.com