Jewelry Designer Davis Hatcher

Davis entered the jewelry world by accident, spurred by an inquiry from his brother if he could make him a bracelet out of “some kind of metal” for Christmas. For the designer, this was a special moment and the unanticipated convergence of separate areas of study, skills, and spacial reasoning that he had been nurturing since he first started making things in sixth grade shop class.

Sometimes more than of a visual design, Davis thinks in terms of process and formula. His work is the answer to the question, “What are all of the ways that wire can behave? What does it want to do?”

“I owe the uniqueness of my aesthetic to my expanding catalogue of original invented tools and machines. Often when I have a new design, I must first create a new tool in the machine shop in order to make it real. This includes everything from electronics that modify the performance of carpentry drills to my specialized anvil.”

He makes frequent use of math, ratios, & engineering studied at CU Boulder, and is driven passionately by the desire to create something never before seen. All this in combination with the old world sweat of pounding hammer to anvil: this is the work of Davis Hatcher.

Type: Jewelry

Jewelry Designer Davis Hatcher

4919 N. Broadway, #29B
Boulder, CO 80304
720 771 9286

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