There is only fear and love. Thank you for choosing love. Abundance mentality. Thoughts become things.

My philosophy is simple- bring love, bright colors, and happiness to the hearts of many.

During tough times and virtuous, Hyphy gives you a boost of joy.

Integrating sustainable products into my work is essential. I use innovative high bio-based resins. The paints I use are water or sugar based. I hope to help bring a 100% plant based resin alternative to market before 2050.

I make furniture and functional art pieces as well, always the highest quality and handmade by me. Check out my social media and website - just type “hyphy.art” into your search bar on any platform.

I consider myself a creator > artist. Thanks for supporting my work!

I wish you happiness under clouds and euphoria under rainbows.

Type: Installation, Painting, Woodworking Style: Abstract, First Friday


4949 N Broadway #144 Boulder, CO 80304 3037209489 Website: http://hyphy.art