Dona Bhavani/Mahdoni Designs

Mixed-Media Mosaics w/ a Vintage Look, including:

Contemplative and Decorative Jewelry

Portable Shrine Boxes and Wall Shrines

Objets d’Art

All handcrafted in my home/studio, which also serves as my kitchen and living room.  

My materials are mixed media and polymer clays which particularly lend themselves to smaller pieces that can be color-blended and morphed into fluid shapes, then formed by hand, textured, glazed and/or tinted with subtle shimmering mica powders, gilders paste, embellished with swarovski crystals and heat cured.

I’ve also explored creating my own resin opalescent jewels.  I call them ‘faery stones’ as I got the idea from a magical story and couldn't find a real stone that had the right opalescent look without spending $40,000.  Definitely over my budget!  

I enjoy elevating a small everyday object into an objet d’art---a small, handcrafted object like a pill box, a pen, or a journal into something beautiful, colorful, intricate--made with love, infused with vibrant, shimmering color.  Or to create a piece of archetypal jewelry that carries an image that inspires and uplifts.   I think it heals something in us to have even a few such ordinary handcrafted and beautifully embellished objects in our lives as an alternative the stainless steel, assembly-line, colorless manufactured look that has become the norm in our society.   I find that even to have a few such handmade objects is comforting and fills a de-personalized vacuum I suspect many of us feel. 

In future I plan to create more wall art, combining images and paintings with mixed mosaics.

I’m also interested in creating individualized made-to-order pieces. 

Please contact me if you’d like to purchase or order an item.

Thanks for visiting!   Blessings.

Type: Ceramics, Collage and Assemblage, Glass, Jewelry, Music, Painting Style: First Friday, Realism

Dona Bhavani/Mahdoni Designs

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