Dismas Rotta

The touchstones from which my major themes and projects evolve are found in my sketch-books and journals. By meandering through my writings, drawings, collage pages and found objects I’m searching the former realms of past ideas.  Asking why I put these colored forms together in a composition? Now these pages create some intriguing configurations, or how some metaphysical sensations pleased my eye.

Then I start ‘playing @ my studio’ with these seeming contradictions and add my mark making, textured surfaces, or some narrative lines. Use of ancient text to formulate some common bond that starts to inform me of the sojourn the piece and myself are about to explore.

The happenstance is where the alchemy of the media juxtaposes with my playful inner child and the personal exploration of illusion, folk tales, or some instinct that just strikes me as a potential pathway for new uncharted visual territory.

Type: Painting Style: Abstract

Dismas Rotta

Unpublished Boulder, CO 80304