Dan Baumbach

 I’ve been very fortunate to have teachers from whom I’ve been able to know that happiness and love are my own nature. The hungering for things like external acknowledgement so easily mask one’s true happiness that it’s easy for people like me to get lost.
That’s where photography comes in. Most mornings I start my day wandering around the hills with my camera. I may go to a specific location looking for a particular kind of image, but with luck, I’ll quiet down and just get into being there and looking at everything. I’ve learned to love the quiet that naturally overtakes us when wandering in nature and it being early morning and not having been involved with too many things, it is pretty easy for me to just get quiet and look.
These photographic wanderings are my daily meditation. I just love to walk and look and see what grabs my eye and see if I can make a photograph of it. Constantly looking at what’s around me takes me out of my personal story and I become quiet and happy.
What I’m trying to capture in photographs are the same qualities that that I experience on these walks:
beauty, simplicity and quiet fascination. I never know what will grab my attention, from leaves to water to ice to flowers to landscapes. Even more so I don’t put much focus on how the resultant photograph will look like until later when I’m working on it in Photoshop. Sometimes the resulting image will look very much like what was in front of me that day. Sometimes it will turn out to look completely different. I’m attempting to take what I captured with my camera and make something of beauty that will ignite the kinds of feelings in you that I experience on my walks. I work on the photographs until I feel I’ve accomplished that.

Type: Photography
Style: Realism

Dan Baumbach

1551 Norwood Avenue
Boulder, CO 80304

Website: http://TimelessLight.com

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