Claudia Ringel

  • I am a painter who creates abstract works and expressionist landscapes. I work mainly in acrylic and mixed media.

I am an intuitive and gestural painter. I love experimenting with color combinations and enjoy creating layers of interesting textures.

Throughout my life I have created in many media including fiber, mixed media, collage, and assemblage but have found that painting allows me to express myself most fully.

I moved from the DC area in 2017. There I showed my work and won several curators’ awards. I am now getting established in Boulder. The Boulder landscape has been a huge inspiration for me.

Thank you for looking at my most recent works, and feel free to get in touch at

Claudia Ringel

“A painting is not a picture of an experience, but is the experience.” Rothko


Type: Painting
Style: Abstract

Claudia Ringel

Boulder, CO 80303