Brette Petway

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4949 North Broadway #116
Boulder, Boulder 80304
Phone: 3034723736

Brette Petway

Do you know the story of Margaret Keane, the artist behind the “Big Eyes” paintings?  She painted these amazing works of art but lacked the confidence to put her own name on them.  Her husband took all the credit and profits, until finally she found her voice, stepped out of the shadows and gathered the courage to reveal the truth.
Margaret has been a hero and inspiration to me ever since I found myself in a similar situation.  I’ve never had an overbearing husband who took credit for my work, but I have had an under-developed sense of my own worth.  I am an artist, yet for years, I was letting graphic designers develop artwork for my company.  I devalued my own artistry because I thought others knew better. It’s a story so many of us women can tell about our careers.
So here I am, in all my vulnerability and honesty, stepping out from behind the shadows of others to introduce you to my new products and website.  Every painting and bookmark has been painted by me alone.  Every card is a reproduction of an original piece of art I created, and all our crystal healing products are produced by individual artisans who were chosen for their commitment to their craft.

I start all of my work by slowing down, connecting, breathing and trusting my process.  I call everything I create a prayer since it is my spiritual connection to God, my creator, our creator that is in on this creative, expressive miracle I experience daily. 

I believe that we’re all self-taught artists, and we can take care of our beautiful selves by slowing down and taking time to express our creativity. In today’s busy, crazy, wild world, we must Meet Each Day Slowly and take the time for ourselves.  In a world where everything is moving so fast and we lose sight of the beauty in front of us, our time to make this change is now.  In the moment.  In each moment.