Belgin Yucelen

I create sculptures, installations, movies and prints intending to enhance our imaginations and consciousness.  At the inspiring intersection of art and activism, I speak out on behalf of children in war, women with no rights, and refugees. I also talk about current social and global issues such as the replacement of the traditional ways of communication by technology mediated human-to-human interaction and climate change.

Art provides the imagery that allows me to present my ideas. I aim to create aesthetically beautiful, compelling and thought provoking art in a simple and quiet manner. Art needs to be beautiful, but beauty can come from ugliness as long as it is presented poetically.

I mostly create a series of artwork under a certain theme.  “Journey of a Thousand Years” which included sculptures with etched mirrors was an analysis of how the self is shaped over time.  “Time” series inlaid with gold, embracing the Japanese concept of treating breakage as part of the past of an object suggested the frailty of each moment.  “Clothes from the Past” installation of sculptural garments redefined a past culture’s sophistication in a contemporary form.  “Overwritten Scripts” included prints elaborating on how the manipulation of the religious scripture influenced cultural norms.  “Words” an audiovisual installation was aimed to encourage people to listen more. In “Floating Children”, a collaboration with photojournalist Brian Rutter, the installation featuring floating transparent fabric with photographs of Syrian children was my way of speaking to the fragility of children in war.

Type: Drawing, Installation, Printmaking, Sculpture Style: Abstract

Belgin Yucelen

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